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Battleship North Carolina History

After WWI, the United States became less involved in foreign conflicts and affairs. After economic and political turmoil that lasted nearly twenty years, the USS North Carolina was constructed. She was the first battleship to be constructed in sixteen years and first of 10 fast battleships that would join the American fleet when the United States joined the battle in World War II. Commissioned on April 9, 1941, the USS North Carolina required 144 commissioned officers and 2195 enlisted men to man her hull. She went on to take part in every naval offensive in the Pacific Theater of operations. USS North Carolina operated briefly off the east coast of the United States in 1946 before being decommissioned the next year and placed in reserve. Stricken from the Naval Vessel Register in 1960, the ship was saved from being scrapped by a local campaign to preserve the vessel as a museum ship in Downtown Wilmington in her namesake state. In 1962, the 729-foot vessel opened its doors as a museum along the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, North Carolina and is a must-do Wilmington jet ski rental!

 History Fun-Facts

1.  Launched June 13, 1940

2. Armament included nine 16-inch/45 caliber guns in three turrets and twenty 5-inch/38 caliber guns in ten twin mounts.

3. In all, NORTH CAROLINA carried out nine shore bombardments, sank an enemy troopship, destroyed at least 24 enemy aircrafts, and assisted in shooting down many more.

4. During World War II, NORTH CAROLINA participated in every major naval offensive in the Pacific area of operations and earned 15 battle stars.

5. The Battleship’s anti-aircraft barrage helped save the carrier ENTERPRISE, thereby establishing the primary role of the fast battleship as protector of aircraft carriers.

6. Although Japanese radio announcements claimed six times that NORTH CAROLINA had been sunk, she survived many close calls and near misses with one hit when a Japanese torpedo slammed into the Battleship’s hull on 15 September 1942. A quick response on the part of the crew allowed the mighty ship to keep up with the fleet. By war’s end, ten men had been killed in action and 67 were wounded.

7.  USS North Carolina became a National Historic Landmark in early 1986.

8. The ship has nine levels that you can explores either as a guided visit or as a self guided visit.

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Spook Factor

One of the most haunted locations in Wilmington, NC is also the most decorated battleship from World War II. Located in historic downtown Wilmington, the warship is a hotbed of paranormal activity that has drawn paranormal enthusiasts from around the world! After all, it is floating on Cape Fear! There have been countless sightings of full-bodied apparitions, particularly one of a young man with blonde hair that has been seen in several passageways. Apparitions and shadow figures have been witnessed peering through portholes and around corners. There have been numerous reports of hatches and doors opening and closing by themselves, lights randomly turning on and off, electrical devices mysteriously shutting off and turning back on, items on the ship moving by themselves, people being touched, objects being thrown, disembodied voices, running, and footsteps. While the ship itself was put to rest many years ago, it seems others were not!

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USS North Carolina Jet Ski Trip

Visiting North Carolina’s Cape fear River on our fun jet ski rental from one of our top of the line Jet skis takes watersports to a whole new level. East Coast Jet Ski Adventures allows you to be in command of your own easy to drive watercraft with a friendly, experienced Ranger who will watch that you or your jet ski do not get broken down, lost or stranded. Plus, what makes this an incredible experience is sharing the water with one of America’s most important battleship in history! This Wilmington must-see is fun for children and the whole family! Visit and explore this hidden gem that’s just along the Carolina beaches. There is adventure awaiting you at every turn! This Wilmington war battleship is incredible to see from the water! While viewing the USS North Carolina is what everyone else does, looking up close at this important piece of history from a jet ski is something amazingly spectacular! With the help of our fun, fantastic, and knowledgeable jet ski rental rangers, we will ensure that you are safe and having the experience of a lifetime!!!

Jet Ski Route

While the war ship is located in Downtown Wilmington, North Carolina, this rental adventure trip allows you to observe some interesting sites along North Carolina’s beaches. The USS North Carolina isn’t the only thing to explore on your jet ski adventure. This trip passes through Bald Head Island, Carolina Beach, Caswell Beach, Holden Beach, Sunset Beach, and Ocean Isle Beach. Don’t forget the gas pit-stop! We stop for gas in Port City Marina just a little north of Battleship North Carolina. We also pass through more beautiful marinas located along North Carolina’s beaches.

Marinas We Pass Through:

Bradley Creek Marina

Carolina Beach Yacht Club and Marina

Southport Marina

St. James Marina

Seascape Marina

Holden Beach Marina

Hughes Marina

Ocean Isle Marina and Yacht Club

Type of Watercraft:

Going on a USS North Carolina jet ski trip must be done on a new model jet ski. At East Coast Jet Ski Adventures, our rental units are Brand New Sea-Doo GTX 130 models with Bluetooth Sound Systems, Sea Doo GTX 230 Hp with Superchargers and Brand New Yamaha Jet Skis that will take you on a wild ride through the waters of the Intercoastal River and ocean.

These jet skis are great for taking your skiing adventure to the next level. We also provide you with high-quality life jackets, swimming attire, instructions, and important safety precautions. This South Carolina jet ski trip will be one you never forget! If you and your family are going to be visiting this important piece of US history, you have to do it right! We always ensure that our guests will have tons of fun!

Reading about it doesn’t do it justice. You have to see it for yourself!

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