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This South Carolina treasure has been called many things over the years, from the “Lake Tahoe of the East” to “South Carolina’s Little Switzerland.” Lake Jocassee jet ski rental adventure is known for its pristine waters that flow in from the Appalachian mountain rivers, keeping its waters cool and clear year-round. This cold water is refreshing and keeps you cool on those hot summer weekends. Located within Devils Fork State Park, this must-see site is nestled in lush, green mountains and is home to breathtaking waterfalls and gorges. Water tumbles off the sides of the mountains from rivers and endless creeks, all converging into a crystal-clear lake. The area surrounding lake Jocassee is also a hotspot for diversity. Some of the rarest plants and animals in the world call the area around Lake Jocassee their home. There is so much to see on the lake which is why experiencing this gorgeous site on a jet ski trip is a must-do! Why just float around and only see a portion of the lake when you can explore its beauty and vastness on our state-of-the-art jet skis! This South Carolina jet ski trip will be one you never forget! Adventure awaits! Booking one of our Jocassee lake rentals will give you the adventure of a lifetime!


How the Valley Became a Lake

Lake Jocasse Jet Ski Rentals

The name “Jocassee” is derived from a Cherokee word that means “place of the lost one.” The legend goes that a young warrior from a rival tribe broke his leg while hunting in this territory claimed by the Oconee tribe that were native to the area. A young Oconee Cherokee woman named Jocassee came to the young warrior’s rescue and nursed him back to health. The two fell in love, but the warrior was killed in a battle between their tribes. Devastated, Jocassee entered the water to end her life but her body didn’t sink. She walked across the water’s surface and was met by, and forever disappeared with, the young warrior’s ghost.

To add to the lake’s allure and mystery, the Cherokee’s fair maiden wasn’t the only thing to disappear here. Before the beautiful 7,500-acre, 300-foot deep reservoir was created in 1973 by the state in partnership with Duke Power, it provided summer retreats for families. Although most manmade structures were demolished before the Lake Jocassee was flooded, divers recently discovered the remains of a lodge that was left intact that is now 300 feet below water. Also, Mount Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery from the film Deliverance is now covered by 130 feet of lake water.

Lake Jocassee Jet Ski Adventure

Seeing the awe-inspiring waters of Lake Jocassee and experiencing its rare natural beauty is even more thrilling when you do it on a jet ski rental. East Coast Jet Ski Adventures allows you to be in command of your own easy to drive watercraft with a friendly, experienced Ranger who will watch that you or your jet ski do not get broken down, lost or stranded on Lake Jocassee. You’ll find yourself propelled into an indescribable world filled with picturesque sites and adventure awaiting you at every turn! Lake Joccassee’s jet ski rental rangers are fantastic, knowledgeable, and will ensure that you are safe and having the experience of a lifetime!

Going on a Lake Jocassee jet ski rental must be done on a new model jet ski. At East Coast Jet Ski Adventures, our rental units are 2021 Sea-Doo GTX 230 models with Bluetooth sound systems and superchargers that will take you on a wild ride through the fresh waters of the lake. These jet skis are great for taking your skiing adventure to the next level. We also provide you with high-quality life jackets, swimming attire, instructions, and important safety precautions. This South Carolina jet ski rental will be one you never forget!

Things to See

Visiting Lake Jocassee offers a multitude of adventures to embark on. The area is pretty secluded and has few accessible entry points. The surrounding mountains corner it in along with many other natural resources, small rivers, and a waterfall hidden here and there. To explore the area, it is best to get your vacation rentals with us and book a rental!

Fish and Fishing

Lake Jocassee is a great freshwater fishing spot in South Carolina. Numerous species of fish thrive in the lake as well as the streams and coves that surround it. As a result, Lake Jocassee is a popular spot for anyone looking for some fishing time on the water.

Lake Jocassee is the only lake in South Carolina offering both trophy trout and smallmouth bass. Types of fish in the lake include:

Redeye Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Spotted Bass
Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
Brook Trout
Deep-water Catfish


Many jet ski aficionados find that they love riding under waterfalls. Each time you visit Lake Jocassee, it feels like you’re seeing these waterfalls for the first time. The beautiful waterfalls make this a favorite all year. By renting a jet ski, you can go waterfall hopping!

Laurel Fork Falls

Witnessing 80-foot high waterfalls from a boat in the waters of Lake Jocassee is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Once you navigate into Laurel Fork Creek cove and get a view of the falls, find a crescent-shaped cave behind the rocky tower.

Wright's Creek Falls

This waterfall is located in a cove off the Thompson River finger of Lake Jocassee. Wrights Creek Falls has three tiers, the lower of which plunges directly into the lake at high water levels.

Mill Creek Falls

This waterfall is on the upper end of Lake Jocassee and is the perfect spot to park your jet ski and take a swim right up to the falls. This fall grows as the lake levels drop due to the depth of the lake here. You may even spot an Eagle or two if you keep your eye out here.

Upper Whitewater Falls

Whitewater Falls is the highest waterfall east of the Rockies, falling 811 feet! The Upper Falls plummets 411 feet. It’s on the Whitewater River in the Jocassee Gorge area of North Carolina.

Lake Jocasse Jet Ski Rentals


We offer several of the best water activities on the East Coast of Lake Jocassee. Our 2021 Sea-Doo GTX 230 with sound systems and superchargers will take you on a wild ride through the fresh waters of the lake. Our fully customizable offerings and plans are great for individuals, medium to large teams, walk-in appointments, and corporate reservations. We have a dedicated and competent team who strictly follows the security and navigation guidelines to ensure your safety and well-being.

Our mission is to get you and your family and friends on the East Coast into the water for a fun, thrilling day out with lots of exhilarating water sports and plenty of adventure for everyone – all in one of the most picturesque locations you’ll ever enjoy.


Accommodate your urge for speed with our Lake Jocassee Jet Ski rental service. Let the adrenaline surge as you hop over the water and change the valve to experience a rush like nothing else.
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  • Smooth rental experience
  • Cost-effective and safe
  • Highly professional and friendly staff

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NOTE: Customers are responsible for their transportation to and from Lake Jocassee and their lodging.